Catering For All Occasions

No matter whether it's a business meeting, wedding, or any other event, Lee's Deli Catering is serving up delicious food!

Open-Faced Sandwiches
Small (12 sandwiches, serves 3-4) $11.00
Regular (24 sandwiches, serves 6-8) $18.00
XLarge (36 sandwiches, serves 10-12) $25.99
Open-Faced Petite Sandwiches
Regular (48 sandwiches) $19.99
Large (72 sandwiches) $27.50
Lee's All-Famous Submarine Tray
16 pieces (serves 8) $25.99
Assorted Snacks Trays
All Cheese Snack Tray (serves 20-25) $15.95
Cheese, Meat, & Meat Spread Snack Tray $21.95
Cracker Tray (Small) (serves 20) $6.95
Cracker Tray (Large) (serves 100) $19.95
Assorted Cheese Platter (4 slices/person) $2.50/person
Assorted Cold Meat Platter (4 slices/person) $2.75/person
Combo Meat & Cheese Platter (3 meat & 2 cheese/person) $3.25/person
Bread and Butter Tray $0.75/person
Hamburger Buns $0.35/each
Hot Vegetables (20 person min.)
Mashed Potatoes $0.75/person
Parsley Buttered Potatoes $0.75/person
Corn $0.75/person
Peas $0.75/person
Green Beans $0.75/person
Scalloped Potatoes $1.25/person
Mixed Vegetables $1.25/person
Green Beans Almondine $1.25/person
Cold Hors d'Oeuvres
Deviled Eggs (24 Halves) $18.95
Deviled Eggs (48 Halves) $27.95
Relish Trays (min. 10 people) $1.35/person
Vegetable Dip Trays (min. 10 people) $1.60/person
Hot Hors d'Oeuvres
Swedish Meatballs $5.00/lb.
Chicken Drumettes (approx. 10-12) $6.50/lb.
Italian Sausage Bits in Bomber Sauce $6.00/lb.
Wieners in Sweet and Sour Sauce $5.50/lb.
Entree Selections
Hot Ham (7-8 sandwiches/lb.) $5.49
Hot Beef & Gravy (4-5 sandwiches/lb.) $5.99
Barbequed Beef (5 sandwiches/lb.) $5.00
Chicken by the eights (min. order 4 pcs) $4.69
Dinner Rolls & Butter $0.30/each
Hamburger Buns $0.35/each
Box Lunches made to your order
Kringle (per person) $1.45
Brownie $0.90/each
Cupcake $1.25/each
Cheesecake $2.79/each
Cookie $0.90/each
Miscellaneous Items
Tossed Salad (lettuce, tomato, cucumber, dressing) $2.50/person
Coffee (min. order 30 person, includes cups, cream, sugar) $15.00
Disposable Tablecloth $3.00
Silverware $0.05/each
Plates $0.15/each
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Free delivery to factories, offices, & schools during lunch hours, with $40.00 minimum order.
A delivery charge will be added for orders below the minimum.
All prices subject to change.